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This is YOUR Club!  Please feel free to contact any of our Board members or key volunteers if you have questions or concerns. We also ask your help in keeping us informed of any of your personal contact information changes.

Please send inquiries about membership, or changes of address, phone, or email to:
Next Gen Membership

Please send inquiries about payments to: Next Gen Treasurer

Please send general information inquiries to: Next Gen Information

If you find you're having difficulty contacting someone on this list, or if you wish to contact a Next Gen volunteer not listed here, send an email to contactavolunteer@nextgenswingdance.com. Include the name of the person you wish to contact, your name and email address, and if possible, the subject you wish to communicate about. We'll forward your note to the particular individual.

2018-2019 Board of Directors


President: Marla Bach Saltzstine
Vice President:
Kristen Teuscher
Treasurer: Wafaa Sabil
Secretary: Sharyl Rich
Membership Director:
John Su

Independent Directors:

Edith Kelly Politis

Ellen Ryken

Lauren Wood

Kristin Sorci-Barger

Johnny Lee

Committee Representatives to the Board:
Convention Committee
(Boogie By The Bay):

Andy Bouman

Other Significant Volunteers to Contact

Calendar Editor: Thomas Gilhooly

Monthly Club Dance Contests:         
Kim Sifter - kim@kimsifter.com
Tom Sepe - tsepe2stp@aol.com

Photographer: James Gafford

Video Librarian: Jonah Deitz

Boogie by the Bay Tickets:
Maureen Stockdale -

Volunteer Coordinator for Boogie by the Bay: Jennifer Filzen - send a private message on Facebook, or an email to: volunteering@boogiebythebay.com

Boogie by the Bay Convention Directors:
Beth Bellamy - beth@boogiebythebay.com
Andy Bouman - andy@boogiebythebay.com

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