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The TNGSDC Board of Directors

The Next Generation Swing Dance Club's Board of Directors is a group of volunteer Club members that manages a real corporation. That's right. This isn't just a little local dance club. TNGSDC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, subject to Articles of Incorporation filed with the California Secretary of State, the club's Bylaws, and the laws of the State of California. As such, these documents and laws, along with the corporate Policies & Procedures, are the governing foundation of TNGSDC.

Download the original May 23rd, 1989 TNGSDC Articles of Incorporation
Download the Aug. 20th, 1990 Articles of Incorporation Amendment, making the club a 501(c)(3) non-profit
Download the most up-to-date version (15) of the TNGSDC Bylaws

The Board makes decisions, determines goals, oversees financial matters, oversees club operations and member & swing dance community communications, evaluates the performance of the corporation, and fosters the philosophy, purpose, and vision of the Club. The Board is responsible for corporate budgeting, expending funds, and entering into contracts.

Sitting on TNGSDC Board is an excellent way to learn about what it takes to manage a corporation -- but even better, it is a great way to get to know your fellow dancers. The Founders Committee, which is comprised of people experienced in running TNGSDC, serve in an advisory capacity and are always available to assist and advise, if requested. Also, a great way to start on the Board is as an Independent Director, which is often an "entry" position to learn about how to manage the club.

About TNGSDC Board Structure

TNGSDC Board structure is really quite simple:

• We have Board Officers and Independent Directors elected by the Membership
• We have Committee Representatives elected by members of the respective committees.

Directors elected by the  membership include:  

       √  5 Officers: The Officers of the corporation include:

•  President
    (download the President description)
•  Vice President

    (download the Vice President description)
•  Treasurer
(download the Treasurer description)
•  Secretary

    (download the Secretary description)
•  Membership Director
(download the Membership Director description)

        √  Up to 5 Independent Directors, which are at large positions:
                                (download the Independent Director description)

Directors elected by  members of each respective committee include:

          √  Committee Representative Directors, elected by members of the respective
              standing committee members (below).
If you are interested in one of these committees,
              contact president@nextgenswingdance.com.

1.  Community Involvement Committee

2.   Convention Committee (organizes/runs Boogie By The Bay)

3.  Dance Committee

4.   Education Committee

5.  Finance Committee

6.  Information Committee

       7.  Social Activities Committee 

             √  Ad Hoc Committee Directors, elected by the respective Ad Hoc committees.

Whether elected by the Membership or by a committee, each Board member has the same authority and voting rights.

The chart below illustrates TNGSDC's Board structure. The positions above the line are those elected by the Membership. Those below the line are elected by the respective committees. Most important is that the Board of Directors report to the Corporate owners -- THE MEMBERSHIP!

Your TNGSDC Board of Directors

To summarize: The Board of Directors are all volunteer Club members, nominated and elected by the club membership. A new Board is elected each year and the process begins with nominations submitted by Club members in February and at the March Club Dance. The election takes place in March, and culminates at April Club Dance when the incoming Board of Directors is introduced.

Here is your 2017-2018 TNGSDC Board of Directors. They took office in April, 2016. When you see these people, be sure to thank them for their time and hard work.

Marla Bach Saltzstine
Vice President
Kristen Teuscher
Sharyl Rich
Membership Director
John Su
Independent Director
Edith Kelly Politis
Independent Director
Ellen Ryken
Independent Director
Lauren Wood
Independent Director
Wafaa Sabil
Independent Director
Johnny Lee
Convention Committee
Andy Bouman

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